What is a Time Travel Field Trip?


Adventure to the Past

Adventure to the Past

Why Time Travel Field Trips?


…school is a place for children to have powerful, meaningful experiences they will carry with them all their lives.

…kids should go home excited about what they learned that day, and be eager to talk about it over the dinner table.

…a deep and complex understanding of our past provides a foundation for future wisdom.

…effective learning is personal and emotionally engaging.

…drama and uncertainty are a dynamic combination.

…kids love diving into the real stuff that’s not sanitized and simplified –

which is why everything in a Time Travel Field Trip is real.

  • Real people
  • Real events
  • Real maps
  • Real choices
  • Real consequences
  • Real primary sources

How do we make history so personal and engaging?

History is a story. Often, it is a story about people living in difficult times. We put students into the story.

Students take on the identities of real people from the past, make choices, and experience consequences.

It’s ALL real history.

And it makes a vibrant and compelling story students will never forget.

Time Travel Field Trips does all the work and supplies all the materials, so your students get the powerful learning experiences you value… with no effort from you.  

What is a Time Travel Field Trip??

Take your students on a field trip in time, instead of in space. It’s a field trip conveniently located right in your classroom.

As part of a immersive simulation game, your students take on the identities of real people from the past, make choices, and experience the consequences, for a taste of history they will never forget.

Using the magic of imagination, paper, pencils, dice, (and occasionally silly hats), students experience life in the past.

“It’s like playing a board game, but you’re the pieces.” Logan, 4th grade student

  • Written specifically to meet Colorado standards
  • Two classes per day, two hours each class
  • It’s the history content you have to teach anyway – just an easier way to teach it
  • Special content:

–   Custom-created comics and short plays provide background information

–   Letters from the past (in the form of short movies) incorporate primary sources

So much fun, students don’t even realize how much they are learning!

(But with the included standards-based pre- and post-test, you will!)

Available units:

5th Grade:

Causes of the American Revolution

Become a colonist in Boston in 1773. Will you stay loyal to the king or risk your life with the Patriots?

Essential question: What were the causes of the American Revolution?

4th Grade:


Travel on the wagon train to Denver in 1865. Will you take the shorter, more dangerous path, or the longer safer one?

Essential question: Who settled in Colorado, how did they get here, and how did they interact with each other?

Boom! Mining in Leadville 1860-1890

Pan for gold, work in a silver mine, and experience the Wild West in Leadville, America?s highest city. Which claim will you choose? Will you end up rich? or dead?

Essential question: How did mining change Colorado?

The students were actively engaged and excited all day long. I loved the integration of co-operation and history/math. Loved the higher-level thinking. The students learned so much today! Wow! Kids will remember this for the rest of their lives.”

Jane Hutchinson, 4th grade teacher, Cherry Creek Schools

Your doorway into history

invitation doorway


One thought on “What is a Time Travel Field Trip?

  1. Your program sounds great. We try to do the same thing in our tours here in Philly, and emphasize the story and the people so that it is not simply names and dates. Keep up the good work.


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