If you love Mrs. Wyman and Time Travel Field Trips, you’re going to love these Spring and
Summer Break camps!

Mastermind Camp NEW!

Do you love figuring things out? Put your thinking caps on – it’s time for Mastermind Camp.You will build the solution to an engineering challenge, put together clues to save the world, and navigate fiendishly difficult STEM challenges of all kinds. Brain teasers, riddles, mysteries, and more.

Mastermind – Young Geniuses: Grades 2-4 runs for 2 hours (two days)
Mastermind – Advanced: Grades 5-8 runs for 2 hours (two days)

Mastermind 1: Catapults and Cantilever Bridges

Build your own catapult. Who can launch their marshmallow the farthest? Who can create the longest open span bridge? Also breakout boxes, puzzles and more.

Buck Recreation Center
5th-8th Grade – March 26-27, 1-3 PM
2nd-4th Grade – March 28-29, 1-3 PM

Mastermind 2: Rockets and Toxic Popcorn

Build and launch a rocket. Whose rocket will go higher? Then, save the world by moving the toxic popcorn into a containment vessel – without touching it. Also breakout boxes, puzzles and more.

Goodson Recreation Center
2nd-4th Grade – June 25-26, 1-3 PM
5th-8th Grade – June 27-28, 1-3 PM

Spy Camp: Ages 9-14

If you love secret codes and ciphers, this is the camp for you!
Learn to write and break 16 different secret codes and ciphers. Develop special spy tools such as cipher wheels, dead drops, and invisible ink. Then, put your new skills to use as you take on the identity of a real spy and travel back in time to 5 different wars, gather intelligence, and make life and death decisions.

Buck Recreation Center, July 9-13, 9 AM – Noon
Goodson Recreation Center, July 16-20, 9 AM – Noon

Space is limited. Sign up on ssprd.org
Questions? Contact Beth Wyman at 720-333-6951 or timetravelfieldtrips@gmail.com