Great Lakes Fur Trade

Are you full of daring, with a heart for danger and a head for numbers? Can we tempt you to sign up for an adventure up rivers and across wilderness to the great Northwest?

Adventures in a Birchbark Canoe lets you experience the early Great Lakes fur trade, from 1748 to 1803. All identities, choices, and consequences are real. The included teacher’s guide explains key economic concepts and provides primary source references for every event in the game.

  • Six identities from a variety of time periods, nationalities, and economic structures.
    • Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre
    • Alexander Henry the Elder
    • Charles Jean Baptiste Chaboillez
    • George Nelson
    • Peter Pond
    • Marguerite Chaurette (Ojibwe woman)
  • 81 different experiences included, grouped into core experiences. The pathway is randomized so the game is different every time you play.
  • Load your canoe, choose your inventory carefully, and head out.
  • 7 trade opportunities test your wits and inventory strategy.
  • Core experiences include: portage, rapids, injuries, starvation, storms, rendezvous, trades, swamping the boat, fights, canoe repairs, and the Straits of Mackinac.
  • Pictures and videos from the Great Lakes help students connect with the terrain and weather.
  • Excellent application of key Personal Financial Literacy and economics concepts, including: supply and demand, opportunity cost, entrepreneurship vs. salaries, loans and interest, partnerships, investing savings, and more!
  • Students can test economic theories by playing more than once, making different choices, and experiencing the consequences. Can they find a winning strategy?
  • Students can play alone or with a team, using any internet-connected device.

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