Pioneers on the Wagon Train to Denver

Today you’ll cross 600 miles of trackless wilderness, and face untold dangers. The ones who make it through alive, win.

So begins our Time Travel Field Trip to 1865. It’s unlike any history lecture, textbook or presentation you’ve ever seen. Why?

History is so often taught as a fait accompli, something where the conclusion is already known, something that happened a long time ago to other people.

This is different. Click the links to find out more.

Pioneers on the Wagon Train to Denver focuses on:

  • Load your wagon: choose supplies for a three month trip into the wilderness
  • Why did people move west?
  • Choosing trails: do you choose the shorter, more dangerous trail, or the longer, safer one?
  • Crossing rivers: what’s the safest, most cost-effective way across?
  • What caused the conflict between local Native Americans and settlers in Colorado during the 1860’s?
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