Spies of World War Two

Today you’ll be going back in time to become a spy in the second World War.You’ll go behind enemy lines into occupied France and risk your life to fight Hitler and his Nazis.

Choose your spy identity. These are all real people who worked as spies during the war.

The Allies are gearing up for the D-Day invasion; they need you to stop the German Army from getting to Normandy Beach on time. How will you and the French Resistance fighters disrupt the German Army’s communications and troop movements?

Can you accomplish your mission and still make it home alive?

So begins our Time Travel Field Trip to 1944. It’s unlike any history lecture, textbook or presentation you’ve ever seen. Why?

History is so often taught as a fait accompli, something where the conclusion is already known, something that happened a long time ago to other people.

This is different. Click the links to find out more.

  • Accurate and detailed history, complete with primary sources
  • Meets the standards you have to teach anyway…but in a way that makes students want to continue playing history at recess.

Appropriate for grades 5 and up.

Requires only one class period.

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  • Simple to implement - takes almost no prep time!
  • Written by a teacher for teachers; classroom-tested.
  • Highly engaging and fun!
  • Detailed and accurate.
  • Appropriate for grade 5 and up!