Causes of the American Revolution

Five class periods, 45 minutes to an hour each. 5th Grade.

Spend an entire week traveling back to Colonial Boston at the time of the American Revolution with your class. Inspire honest conversations and reflections about the start of our country, while being historically accurate. Completely engaging and interactive, your students will talk about this week for years to come! Plus, this curriculum is designed for you to easily implement – utilizing Powerpoint, video, handouts, and a step-by-step teacher’s guide.

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Siege of Boston

It’s 1775. You are living in Boston, which is under siege. The British army, shaken by its losses at Lexington and Concord last week, is holed up in the city. The colonial militia has closed the one road into town. How will you and your family survive?

5th grade and up. Less than one class period to play.

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