Two class periods, 45 minutes to an hour each. 4th Grade.

Inspire your students’ imaginations as they step into the roles of being a trapper or trader in 1834. As they try to earn money and navigate rugged landscapes, you facilitate conversations about risk vs. reward, courage, and the rigors of the Rocky Mountain fur trade. These dynamic lessons serve your students for weeks to come, and easily connect with math skills as well.

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Great Lakes Fur Trade

New! Online game!

Are you full of daring, with a heart for danger and a head for numbers? Can we tempt you to sign up for an adventure up rivers and across wilderness to the great Northwest?

Adventures in a Birchbark Canoe lets you experience the early Great Lakes fur trade, from 1748 to 1803. All identities, choices, and consequences are real.

Teaches all essential Personal Financial Literacy concepts.

3rd grade and up.

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