The Bay of Pigs


There’s been a revolution in Cuba, only 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The United States and the Soviet Union are in a tense face-off. Will Cuba’s new leader bring communism to the Western Hemisphere? Can you make the world safe for democracy, and protect us from the communist threat without starting a war with the Soviet Union?

There’s only one way to find out.

The Bay of Pigs online game includes:

  • Choose an identity: CIA Director Allen Dulles, CIA Deputy Director of Plans Richard Bissell, Cuban Task Force Chief Jake Esterline, or Cuban Task Force Paramilitary Chief Jack Hawkins.
  • Make all the key decisions discussed by the CIA during the planning and execution of the Bay of Pigs invasion.
  • All people, maps, photographs, dates, and decisions are real. This is accurate history.
  • Includes extensive primary sources, including maps used by CIA, memos from CIA meetings, and letters between key personnel.
  • Allows students to explore branching decisions and experience the consequences.
  • Students may play as many times as they like to try out different choices, but they never input their name or information, so student privacy is protected.

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