Easy in-class field trip (available in the Denver Metro Area)

  1. Choose the field trip that fits your curriculum.
  2. Click this link to schedule your field trip (or click the schedule now button or something)
  3. Relax and catch up on your paperwork for 2 hours while I teach for you
  4. Bask in the praise of your delighted students and parents

What is a Full-Service Time Travel Field Trip?

  • I will come to your classroom to take your students on a field trip in time, instead of in space. (Denver area schools only.)
  • As part of a immersive simulation game, your students take on the identities of real people from the past, make choices, and experience the consequences, for a taste of history they will never forget.
  • Using the magic of imagination, paper, pencils, dice, (and occasionally silly hats), students experience life in the past.
    • Written specifically to meet Colorado standards
    • 2 hours per classroom, 2 classrooms per day
    • Only $7.50 per student
    • So much fun, students don’t even realize how much they are learning!
    • Pre-field trip materials, including pre- and post-tests, are all here.

(BONUS: We include a standards-based pre- and post-test, so you can track the learning amidst the exploring!)

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Available Field Trips:

Causes of the American Revolution

Become a colonist in Boston in 1773. Will you stay loyal to the king or risk your life with the Patriots?

Includes1773-1776, Tea Act, The Intolerable Acts, The Boston Tea Party (primary source), Two short plays, Lexington and Concord, Choosing sides (Patriot, Loyalist, Undecided), Declaration of Independence

Mining in Leadville: Colorado Gold Rush

Pan for gold, work in a silver mine, and experience the Wild West in Leadville, America’s highest city. Which claim will you choose? Will you end up rich? Or dead?

Includes: 1860-1890, gold panning demonstration, Oro City (primary source), a short play, hard-rock mining, life in the mines, staking a claim, and life in Leadville.

Mountain Men

Become a trapper in 1829. Choose your hunting ground and set off into the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Can you survive the dangers? Will you come back triumphant? Or disappear, never to be heard from again?

Includes: A short play, risks and rewards of becoming a Mountain Man, primary sources, a year in the mountains, geography concepts, the choice to be a free trapper or company trapper (economics).


Choose to become a trapper or a trader, and head for the rendezvous. There, you will trade with your classmates. How good are you at bartering? Can you survive the dangers of the trip? Will you end up rich? Or dead?

Includes: Economic advantages and disadvantages of being a trapper vs a trader, life at the rendezvous, and how geography affects travel and rendezvous locations. Identities reflect a wide variety of nationalities and include Native American trappers.

Traders and Forts

Choose the best location and build your fort. Now stock up on goods in Missouri and brave the dangers of the Santa Fe Trail. It’s a hard life. Will you end up bankrupt…or worse?

Includes: The geography of a successful fort, life at Bent’s Fort (primary source), a short comic strip, the shifting economics from the mountain fur trade to the buffalo trade, and experiences on the Santa Fe Trail.


Travel on the wagon train to Denver in 1865. Will you take the shorter, more dangerous path, or the longer safer one?

Includes: How and why people moved to Denver in 1865, choosing supplies, life on the trail, interactions between pioneers and Native Americans, a short comic strip, and a short play.