Survivor: Time Travel Edition

How would you have survived, had you been dropped in the woods near Lake Superior 400 years ago? What if you had to find or make everything you needed from the woods and lakes?

Learn about the clever innovations created by the Ojibwe, from a prominent Ojibwe historian and college professor, Anton Treuer. Video of the Great Lakes region and photos from an Ojibwe museum help students to visualize life as a Ojibwe man or woman before the arrival of Europeans to the area.

Dr. Treuer also briefly discusses the impact of Europeans – French, British, and Americans – on Ojibwe lives and culture.

Includes details about housing, innovation, food, Ojibwe economy, and language. 17 minutes long.

Note: Video hosted on YouTube, which may not play in all schools due to school firewalls. Need to buy the video on a USB drive? Contact Beth at

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