Easy Online Games Plan.

  1. Choose the online game you want. 
  2. Create your class log in and password. 
  3. Your students play individually or in groups on any device.
  4. Enjoy their excitement and engagement.
  5. Discuss what they learned.

Your subscription is good for unlimited play for one year.

3rd Grade and Up
Birchbark Canoe
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Choose your identity, load your canoe, and head up the river. Learn Personal Financial Literacy by running your trading business. Key to understanding U.S. and Canadian history 1760-1830, before and after the French and Indian War and American Revolution.

High School
Cuban Missile Crisis
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You are President Kennedy, and the fate of the world is in your hands. Cuba, just off the coast of Florida, has missiles aimed at the United States. Millions of lives are at stake. Can you make the right decisions and save everyone? Or will you doom us all to nuclear annihilation?

High School
Bay of Pigs
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Fidel Castro, a dangerous, charismatic leader, has overthrown the Cuban government in a bloody rebellion. This could be the tipping point that brings Communism to the western hemisphere. Can you make the right decisions and protect Democracy?


Life in an Ojibwe Village Movie

Click here to learn more about Native American/First People’s lives in the Great Lakes region before and after European contact.

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Adventures in a Birchbark Canoe

Cuban Missile Crisis

Bay of Pigs 

Why use online games?

  • Simple to teach – just have your kids play the game, alone or in teams, and discuss what they learned.
  • Free teacher’s guide is included for download.
  • Works on any device (must have internet connection.)
  • Everything in them is real and accurate. It’s detailed history that meets your standards and is fun to play!
  • Includes primary sources.
  • Your annual subscription is less than $1 per student and is valid for one teacher for one calendar year.
  • When history is personal and emotional, it is also memorable.
  • Highly engaging.