Hi Teachers! Thanks for booking your Time Travel Field Trip. Here are the materials you’ll need before I come.

I can’t wait to come take your class back in time! See you soon!


On this page, you can access:

  • Supply list for Pioneers – please copy!
  • Permission slips/Parent letters (if you need them)
  • Pre-field trip background materials, including super quick and easy videos (only required for 2-hour field trips.)
  • Pre- and Post-tests – paper copies OR self-grading online quizzes – how awesome is that?!

Pioneer Supply List

Please make one (double-sided) copy per student. PIONEER SUPPLY LIST 2016

Permission Slips

(aka. Parent letters)

American Revolution:

Fur Trade:

Background materials

You only need these if you have booked a 2-hour field trip. (I’ll teach all this for you in the longer 4-hour field trip.)

Note: There are no required background materials for Mountain Men, Rendezvous, or Traders & Forts.

You have two choices (choose ONE):
  • If you have the time and inclination, do the comics as a Reader’s Theater with your class. Fun!


  • If you are pressed for time, simply show your class the short video before I come. Couldn’t be easier!
American Revolution:

Pre- and Post-Tests

I don’t need your scores, but it’s nice to have confirmation that your class is learning something. 🙂 Here’s a simple way to get a history grade in your book!

You have two choices:

  • Go traditional with the paper and pencil quiz. Print out the PDF. Answer key is included.
  • Go hi-tech with the online quiz. It only takes minutes AND grades itself! You can save the results for your grade book. Each student will need a device such as a computer to take the online quiz.
American Revolution:

Mountain Men:


Traders & Forts:

Directions for online quiz:

  1. Click the appropriate link above.
  2. Choose “Play live!”
  3. You do NOT need to register: click Skip (below blue sign up bar)
  4. Choose “Proceed.” This takes you to the teacher dashboard where you can start the quiz, and see the results. This will give you a code for the students.
  5. Students (each needs a device) go to join.quizziz.com and enter the code to play.
  6. Hit “Start game” when you are ready.
  7. You will get a list of results you can export if you’d like to save it. Enjoy!