Easy learn more through watching videos plan

  1. Are you new and want a basic introduction? Watch “Introduction to Time Travel Field Trips.”
  2. Do you have a very active class, and you are looking for an alternative to duct tape? Watch “Active Lessons for Active Learners.”
  3. Want to see these captivating lessons in action in the classroom?
    • For high school kids playing an online game, watch “Cold War Online Games.”
    • For 4th graders playing Mining during an in-class field trip, watch “Mining in Leadville.”
  4. If you are studying the Great Lakes region, click the link below to learn about our new movie!
  5. Break out the popcorn and enjoy!

Introduction to Time Travel Field Trips

Active Lessons for Active Learners 

Cold War Online Games


Mining in Leadville (from YouTube):

Life in an Ojibwe Village

Click here to learn about the clever innovations created by the Ojibwe, from a prominent Ojibwe historian and college professor, Anton Treuer. Video of the Great Lakes region and photos from an Ojibwe museum help students to visualize life as a Ojibwe man or woman before the arrival of Europeans to the area.

Includes details about housing, innovation, food, Ojibwe economy, language, and how the Ojibwe population was impacted by the arrival of Europeans.